Enforcer Fitness - Chris Conca


Respect | Discipline | Confidence

Owner Chris Conca, a 1991 graduate of Nutley High School, had an amazing career as a boxer.  After high school, he competed on the amateur circuit, culminating with winning the welterweight division of the 1994 New Jersey Golden Gloves Tournament in Elizabeth.

“I learned so many life lessons during my boxing career while training at different gyms in Newark and Brooklyn,” said Conca.  “I eventually wanted to give back and provide kids an option to go somewhere to help keep them off the streets and from getting into trouble.”

With that idea tucked in the back of his mind, Conca then turned professional in 1995 and signed with Main Event Boxing.

The pro game saw him compete in championship bouts throughout the United States, England and Denmark.  A career highlight was winning the New Jersey Diamond Gloves.

Chris stepped away from boxing and retired in 1997 to start a family.  After twenty years being out of the ring, he now unveils Enforcer Fitness in Nutley.

“I gained knowledge from old-timers of all ethnic backgrounds and it was very impactful in my development,” said Conca.  “I molded the spirit of Enforcer Fitness based on the old-school values that I learned and am now passing it along to my students.”

One of those students is Chris’ son Ryan, a Middle School student in Nutley.  Ryan, amazingly mature and well-disciplined for his age, was working on his boxing technique with several high school students.

“I want every member here to become a family, no matter their age, upbringing or background,” Conca stressed.  “I don’t have time for egos or attitudes.  This place is all about respect, discipline and teamwork.”

The facility, which opened in 2017, offer’s boxing lessons inside a ring.  There’s an array of heavy bags to work on punching skills.   Also available are self-defense classes, weight-training equipment and cardio machines.

“In the short time we’ve been open, we have clients from all over Nutley and Essex County, and as far away as Montville and Staten Island,” Conca added.

Enforcer Fitness has a variety of classes and programs for ages 8 and up.  New classes, including amateur wrestling, will be added in the coming months.

Conca added, “We are very big with one-on-one instruction in all areas.  I want my clients to succeed and achieve their goals, so I’m very hands on.”

With boxing sometimes having a negative stigma attached to it, especially in the upper levels of the professional ranks, Enforcer Fitness breaks that perception and is very welcoming and family-friendly.